Yoga Camp has not been created by big business, big brother or big money. It has been created from love and a deep desire to help humanity to truly connect with themselves, each other and their environment. Only when we all exist in harmony will we truly be enlightened and happy beings.

Yoga Camp – an oasis of peace, harmony and community!

While Yoga Camp relies on the incredible support of its volunteers, facilitators and teachers to make Yoga Camp happen, behind the scenes there have been a number of people who have worked tirelessly to bring you this event each year – Mark Blyss, Leeanne Horell, Rebekah Hayden, Jacqui Slingo, Leharna Black and now Wendy Jenkins and Kellie Curtis.

Mark founded Yoga Camp in 2005.  He and close friend Leeanne co-organised 4 camps near Malaney QLD.  Then Mark relocated back to Victoria and brought Yoga Camp with him. Rebekah took on the role of co-organiser transforming the way Yoga Camp was organised and run.  Rebekah brought many developments such as computer technology and in doing so broadened both the audience and practitioner reach.  Jacqui came on board and was an integral part of the running of four camps.

Mark wishes to thank Lee, Bek, Jac and Leharna for all their amazing efforts and their passion in supporting Yoga Camp build and grow into the  amazing festival that it is today.   Thank you so much. Om shanti

Mark Blyss

Mark Blyss is a Satyananda Yoga teacher having studied in Indian & Australian ashrams over the past 20 years.  Mark regularly visits India to further his exploration of yoga.  He has an open approach to studying various systems within the science of yoga, and other disciplines such as martial arts, which provides a broad and versatile teaching style.  Mark’s classes vary according to the students needs and include the teachings of asanas, pranayamas, mudras, bandhas, meditations, yoga nidra, as well as the philosophical principals of yoga. His teaching experience draws from many and varied environments, including pre-, primary-, secondary- and special education schools, corporate, correctional institutions and yoga centres. Mark’s work also includes taking part in yoga ashrams and workshop intensives.  Yoga is a part of Mark’s passion for creating wellbeing,  he therefore also facilities health and wellbeing retreats which include juice fasting and yogic cleansing practices.