Chakradhyan – Nada Yoga, Kirtan & Shiva Dance


Chakradhyan studied at the renowned Bihar School of Yoga, India and has practiced kirtan and yoga for the last 15 years. He is the founder of the Chant Yoga kirtan school in Melbourne and is the principle teacher for the Australian and NZ kirtan camps.

Kirtan: Deep emotional states can turn the mind inward & one pointed. This is essentially what we wish to achieve in meditation. Kirtan is the process of using emotional feeling (Bhavana) to achieve deep absorption (Samadhi). We do this through the mechanism of Nada Tantra, the expansion of consciousness through the awareness of sound vibration. With this we may experience ecstatic states.

Nada Yoga: Discover how sound & music can be used to connect to the heart. Experience the group connection & energy that can be built through singing, breathing & dancing together.


Kimberley Roberts – Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga & Yoga Nidra


Kimberley Roberts is a nurturing hatha yoga teacher and mentor in yoga as a way of life. Inspired by the wonder of conscious breathing, she has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and practicing for her entire adult life. Kimberley studied extensively in Northern India and imbibed the traditional yogic lifestyle at the Satyananda Ashram Yoga University. Receiving much of her inspiration from nature, her vision is of inspiring people to enjoy a daily practice and yogic lifestyle that reveals great richness, depth and profound wonder in our everyday experience. She has deep roots in the practice of yoga, embracing all lineages as both an ancient tradition and a modern experience. She is formally trained with the Satyananda Yoga Academy and the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). Based in Melbourne, Kimberley teaches beginner and general classes, the popular “Yoga for Wellbeing” course, workplace yoga, and one-to-one sessions; as well as treating her students to local and international immersion retreats.

Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga: An all-levels sensory immersion of body and breathing, that cultivates body awareness, life sensitivity and deeper intimacy with yourself and the natural world. The class includes slow moving breath-guided gentle asana, deep rest, breath-work, and meditation.
Yoga Nidra: A guided lying down relaxation practice promoting deep rest and rejuvenation. This session will include some very gentle preparatory asana and conclude with a breathing practice to ease you into the rest of your day.


Mark Blyss – Partner Yoga, Neti Workshop, Hatha Yoga & Yoga Nidra


Mark Blyss is a yoga teacher and is the director and founder of Yoga Camp. Helping people create wellbeing and to reach their fullest potential through yogic principles, simple living, diet and lifestyle choices is Mark’s passion.

Mark has studied in Indian and Australian ashrams over the past 20 years.  His teaching style draws on various systems within yogic science.  Mark teaches dynamic and passive classes which include asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, yoga nidra, as well as yoga philosophy. His teaching experience draws from many environments including schools (special education, pre-school, primary, secondary), corporate, correctional institutions and yoga centres.

Yoga Nidra: A guided lying down relaxation practice promoting deep rest and rejuvenation. This session will include some very gentle preparatory asana and conclude with a breathing practice to ease you into the rest of your day.

Neti Workshop: Neti is sanskrit for ‘nasal cleansing’. Learn and practice this ancient cleansing technique promoting sinus health and relief from hayfever, energetic and nasal blockages. Neti pots will be available to purchase from Mark at the workshop or bring your own.

Hatha Yoga: combines physical postures with conscious breath awareness and mindfulness. Breathing practices are utilised to activate life-force and develop finer states of awareness and experience. The class concludes with a short meditation. This class is gentle and nourishing and aims to activate vital energy, soothe the nervous system and deeply nurture body and mind.

Partner Yoga: Partner yoga allows us to support and receive while in a yoga posture. It cultivates body awareness, sensitivity to touch, and allows us to explore using the support and body weight of another person. Partner yoga assists to bring about greater sense of union, connection and community. It demonstrates how we become more authentic and empowered through our willingness to open and connect with the world around us. And, of course, it can be a lot of fun. Come with a friend or make one in the class.

Peter Cohen – Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga and Philosophy & Advanced Yoga

Peter Cohen yogacampPeter Cohen is an internationally recognised master yoga teacher and workshop facilitator. Renowned for his inspirational public speaking and depth of yogic knowledge, Peter encourages individuals to enjoy intimate breathing and deep poetic movement as an embrace of life. To become absorbed in the natural wonder of breathing as a bridge between you and all living things. Peter has studied extensively in the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya under master teachers Mark Whitwell (Heart of Yoga) and Nicky Knoff (senior Iyengar and Ashtanga teacher). Twice RYT 500hr+ certified, Peter has taught yoga for over a decade. Also trained in traditional Tibetan yoga by Lama Urgyen Yeshe Ozer, Peter was a resident meditation and yoga teacher at Odiyana Buddhist Centre for four years before founding ATYoga.  Based in Melbourne, Peter is the only highly accredited yogi worldwide who is also a certified Feldenkrais movement specialist. A certified Reiki master and NLP practitioner, Peter teaches general classes, master classes, workshops and teacher training units in Australia, Bali and Fiji.

Yoga and philosophy: Covers the ancient principles of emotional giving and receiving that became known as hatha yoga. Following the Yoga sutras and the advice of great yogis we transform the physical hatha yoga practice into a genuine and divine surrender — a personal expression of passion and authenticity — in breath and in motion.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: A traditional slow moving breath-guided practice that integrates principles of emotional giving and receiving to create a nourishing journey of passion and authenticity. This breath-focus embrace of life and flowing movement cultivates a deeply surrendered vibrant feeling, suitable for meditation and surrendering into stillness.

Advanced Yoga: A dynamic and athletic yoga class for injury-free individuals who want to explore some challenging asana and take their practice to a new level. The session is a layering together of asana, pranayama, chanting and visualisation that culminates in deep meditative surrender — and the possibility of further unfolding.

Roderick McLeod – African Drumming Circle & Drum4Fun!

RoderickRoderick is a professional drummer/percussionist/teacher who has a deep love and connection with music and the drum. His journey has lead to musical adventures, touring both nationally and internationally. Roderick currently percussion teaches percussion at three high schools, runs interactive drumming workshops and is actively involved in many creative projects, including Mantra Dance, The Advocates and many more.

African Drumming Circle: Join Roderick and Monika from Full Circle Drumming in a rhythmic adventure through sound as we explore the wonderful world of percussion and connecting through rhythm. Looking at basic techniques on djembe, play games, creatively express through the drum and have FUN! Instruments provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

Drum4Fun: In this workshop Roderick and Monika will  take the kids on a fun journey thru the land of music, dance and play with lots of musical games, dancing, story time and drumming fun.

Vicky Basdeo – Kundalini Yoga Basics 

vicky & crystal bowl

Vicky is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher who began practising yoga at the age of twelve after seeing Swarmi Saraswati on TV. She began her Kundalini Yoga practice 16 years ago and completed her teacher training in Victoria, Australia. Vicky is also a Vivekananda Yoga Teacher, a trained secondary teacher and has been running yoga and dance classes in secondary schools around Victoria over the past 15 years. Vicky also runs yoga intensives and she draws inspiration from the cycles of nature and works closely with the seasons, the five elements and sacred sound in her classes.

Kundalini  Yoga Workshop: Come learn three basics of yoga: Connecting with breath, spine and rhythm. This class will include a revitalising self-massage, spinal warm-ups and a sound relaxation meditation including gong, crystal bowl and chanting.


Murray Goodchild – The Yin and Yang of Massage Treatments 

Murray is a qualified acupuncturist and Shiatsu practitioner with 14 years experience. His particular interest is the art of relationship and the balancing of empathy with personal boundaries.

The Yin and Yang of Massage: There are always two dualities that need to find balance both within practitioner and client. Sustainable practice demands an understanding of how Yin & Yang both enable empathy and connection and define healthy boundaries & a sense of direction. These themes will be explored in this experiential, hands-on workshop. Free massage included of course!!

Monika Poray – Traditional basket weaving & African Drumming Circle

Monika & Weavingcropped
​Monika is a professional artist (with a bachelor and masters degree) and is very enthused in sharing her skill and knowledge in arts and crafts to both kids and adults. Her recent art projects are observing geometries in nature and creating  abstract and traditional woven baskets. .

African Drumming Circle: Join Roderick and Monika from Full Circle Drumming in a rhythmic adventure through sound as we explore the wonderful world of percussion and connecting through rhythm. Looking at basic techniques on djembe, play games, creatively express through the drum and have FUN! Instruments provided or you are welcome to bring your own.

Traditional basket weaving: In this kids workshop Monika will invite you to explore the Symbology, traditions and ancestry in basket making. Many materials will be available to play with, such as: recycled fabrics/wools and grass found on site

Lydia Hikari Marolda –  Dancing Freedom~Yoga of Dance & Kids Dance


Lydia has devoted the past 15 years of her life to exploring what it means to use dance, authentic movement and ritual for healing & empowering the Self on all levels. She shares her passion for the power that exists within embracing the body’s natural intelligence as a means to experiencing life to it’s fullest. She believes that in facilitating her own evolution and that of others she is playing her part to help re-establish the connection between body, mind, spirit and our beautiful Earth. or

In Dancing Freedom we explore the interdependent qualities of each of the 5 elements through dance. You will be guided to join your body and breath with the pulse of life as it moves through you to allow your body’s natural intelligence to emerge. When we dance with this awareness we create space for growth, healing and full bodied expression.

Kellie Curtis – Vitality Yoga

Kellie is a certified personal trainer and yoga teacher. After spending years working with bodies of all types she has a keen eye and sensitivity to alignment and keeping practices safe and achievable for all students regardless of previous yoga experience, age or injury. Kellie has a vast repertoire of adjustments and variations of postures allowing all students to work at their own physical level and therefore allowing space for stillness to integrate the benefits at an energetic level. Kellie is an open, authentic and approachable individual who loves what sh does and imparts her wisdom with integrity and fun. Her light-hearted and sensitive approach to teaching has students feeling healed, safe and supported in their practice. 

Vitality Yoga: Based on traditional Hatha Yoga balancing and uniting the polarities within. Vitality Yoga stands apart from others with a key focus on grounding and affirmations by bringing awareness to how the organs and glands are effected on a physical and energetic level combining the Chinese meridian system and traditional yogic perspectives. This approach enhances awareness thus yoga’s self healing potential.

Wendy Jenkins – 108 Surya Namaskara 

Wendy’s interest in yoga began at a young age, she has been studying and exploring different forms of yoga and meditation for over 25 years. A deep interest in spiritual life and eastern philosophy lead her to India where she spends time each year taking part in yoga and meditation retreats, furthering her knowledge and fulfilling her curiosities. Wanting to formalise her years of yoga studies, Wendy recently completed her 200Hr Ashtanga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

108 Surya Namaskara: Surya Namaskara or Salute to the Sun is a practice familiar to most yogis.  In this class we will  take part in completing 108 salutes to start the day and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Complete all 108 or just as many as you are able.  “The notion of a salutation to the sun is to pay your respects and surrender to the universe. This can be taken as a metaphor to let go physically – the mind follows as you move ‘inside’ the practice.”

George Butcher – Acro Yoga 

With a background in contact juggling, social work, and massage, George’s approach to yoga is one that challenges students to find their inner focus, confidence and the freedom to take flight! George is qualified with Vinyasa Flow YTT 200 hour course and has completed AcroYoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali during June 2014. He has refined his personal yoga practice since 2008. Through a combined approach incorporating asana, meditation, yoga therapy and playfulness, George engages participants to go beyond what they may have thought possible. His motto is why reach for the treetops when you can reach for the stars!’

 AcroYoga:  Acrobatics meets yoga. A fun, exciting and inspiring practice that is essentially about trust, communication and balance between two or more people. These workshops will be taught to all levels of experience and abilities. One does not need to be a professional acrobat to partake in this fusion of movement modalities. Come and learn more about this playful practice! This class will cover the fundamentals of safe practice and then focus on “creative process” as a tool to foster individual self expression and creativity! Bring a willingness to fly, intention to explore your borders, and an openness to connect and play with others. This class creates an environment that cultivates trust, connection, and playfulness. 


Josef Jo – Acro Yoga & Yogasana with Gratitude to BKS Iyengar, with Communiaction and Unconditional Love.

Josef’s yoga journey started over a decade ago gaining his certification in Iyengar in 2009. Since then he has gone on to pursue his passion for acro-yoga complementing his training in partner acrobatics, hand balance and hand2hand. Josef has dedication and expansive interest in consciousness and body awareness, complete communication, playfulness, martial arts, slacklining/balancing and movement. He started his teaching in Germany, and has since taught all over the world.

Josef classes will have students soaring, laughing and experiencing yoga in a bliss filled playful way. Josef’s classes are unforgettable and will no doubt inspire more of the same.

Yogasana with gratitude to BKS Iyengar ~ Communication and Unconditional Love